Saturday, September 29, 2012

Finally Finished One

Howdy all,

I am going to start this post with a confession.  When it comes to craft projects, I tend to be a bit anal.  I mean it.  It is rare that I ever fly by the seat of my pants and just do something.  No, I have to plan it out first.  I will spend months planning for a project that takes me a couple days to finish.  This is why I have a lot of components and hardly any finished projects.  It is also like I am too afraid about making a mistake, that I talk myself out of starting.

That is part of the reason behind this blog.  I am hoping that writing and posting about minis will actually light the firecracker under my butt so I get some projects done.  To that end, I finally finished my first miniature project.  A few months ago, while browsing at IKEA, this little beauty jumped out at me:

It is the Borrby Lantern in the black finish.  The second I saw it, I thought about doing a little garden scene.  I also thought back to this unfinished bench that I had actually purchased a couple of days before:

I don't know what brand the table is, but I thought it would work nicely as a mini gardener's work table.  In the end the final product turned out like this...

I painted the bench a light gray.  The flooring is made from strips of balsa wood with a ceramic tile that was purchased from a vendor in El Mercado in San Antonio, Texas.  The brick work at the back of the work table is Magic Brik.  This was my first time trying any kind of brick work.. Cheryl from Jeeper's Miniatures in Morgantown, Indiana was really helpful, telling me to add some regular white glue to the mixture to get the right texture.  This was a test run for a larger project and I think it worked out really well.  Next time I am going to go with a lighter gray for the grout so the bricks stick out more.

The three plants in yellow pots were made by me from Martha Stewart scrapbook decals that I cut up, attached to wire and glued into planter's foam.  The dirt is just coffee grounds.  The pink hydrangea is a recent purchase from a miniature show in Indianapolis.  The yellow plant (that kind of looks like goldenrod) is made from O-scale plantings purchase at Hobby Lobby.  All of the accessories were purchased at Hobby Lobby, Michael's, or at Hobby Builder's Supply.

The lighted lantern is part of the Jim Holtz idea-ology collection that was purchased at a scrapbooking store. For $5.99, it was a great purchase, including the lantern and a little battery pack.  Add two AA batteries, and you are good to go.

Overall, I am really happy with the outcome.  I am hoping to add to it a little later or change it about as the mood hits, but for a first shot I am truly giddy.  I can't wait for the next project.



  1. Hi Annie, where's your follow button huh? =0)

    Lovin' your idea mixing life-size and miniature together. Great way to make a mini-scene-gift for someone.
    Oh and welcome to blog land =0)

  2. Hi Pepper,

    Thanks! I am still pretty new to Blogger, so I haven't figured out all of the gadgets yet. I think that I got it added now. :)