Monday, November 19, 2012

Creatin' Contest - 29 Days and Counting

Hello all,

Back in January, I saw that the had posted about the 2012 Creatin' Contest.  Now, this is something that I have wanted to try for years.  I remember getting my HBS catalog as a teenager and goggling at all of the wonderful entries, wish that I could do something like that.  And this year, I decided that I would give it a shot. 

So, I bought the kit and accessories and waited patiently until February when the kit would arrive.  I plotted out several different ideas for just what to do with decor.  And finally, last month, I decided what I wanted to do.  Yup, got the kit in February and started building it in October.  Man, I am such a dumbass.  LOL!  What can I say, indecision and procrastination are truly some great friends of mine. 

Anyhoo, over the last month or so, I have truly been focusing on this project trying to get it done.  I am going for a old factory-turned loft space feel.  Here is a look at some of the work and decor going into this thing:

 Brick!  One thing this house will have is lots and lots of brick.  I used the Magic Brik kits for the bricking.  Yes, this was the upcoming project that I was testing the brick kits for with the Gardening Shed.  I still have to age the brick some, but I love the look.

While this is not the final layout, it does show a number of pieces that I am planning on using.  The couch was purchased at Jeepers Miniatures.  It has become the jumping off piece for a lot of the decor.  The kitchen set was purchase several years ago at Hobby Lobby.  I have been dying to use it and now I get the chance.  The
Reed Chairs are from CB2, of course.  The wooden circle in the center is a napkin ring from Crate and Barrel.  I am planning on turning it into a coffee table. 

As you can see from the picture, I have not changed the layout much.  Still, I do have a few surprises (hopefully) up my sleeves.  Thank goodness Thanksgiving and its lovely four day holiday is just a day away.  I am going to try to check a lot of things off my list.

Have a great holiday!