Thursday, April 18, 2013

Long Time, No Write

Howdy all,

It has been a busy couple of months that has left little time for mini fun.  I have worked on a couple of small projects, but not is very far along.  I hope to get some of them done soon, so the next post can be an actual update. 

Also, I hope some of you are able to get to Chicago this weekend for the Chicago International and/or the Three Blind Mice show.  My mother and I hoping to get up there, if the weather permits, to take a gander at both.  This will be our first Three Blind Mice show, and I can barely stand the wait.  My mother is also very excited about wandering around Ikea.  She has never been to one, but has always wanted to go. 
Maybe I will see some of you there. 

Have a wonderful weekend,